A tribute to a photographer, journalist and friend

A professional photographer, author and journalist, he founded the World-States League, proposed a new artificial language, engaged in genealogical research, collected and classified a large picture archive, established a photographic studio, functioned as a bookseller and publisher, and was a surrealist painter

* 13.02.1916 - Nuremberg
† 17.03.1997 - Vienna

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Some pictures :

Street urchins, Rio de Janeiro 1966
EZ 2938 HEY 348/5/32
Gipsy children in Warsaw 1941
EZ 2840 CL 3.139/1/28
Siamese twins

EZ 2938 432/3/01
At the beach of Sao Vicente 1961
EZ 2938 HEY 302/2/18
Ravaged synagogue in L'vov, 1943
EZ 2840 CL 3.132/3/4
Bodyguards, Brasilia

EZ 2938 HEY 355/2/06
Little beggar girl

EZ 2938 359/4/05 
Document check in Russia, 1943
EZ 2840 CL 3.144/1/30

All negatives and photographs are archived at and obtainable from the Picture Archive of the Austrian National Library [Österreichische Nationalbibliothek].


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