Composing Philosophy in a Different Key
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Visitors of THE CREATRIX might be confused by some of the terms and concepts introduced here. Therefore I provide for a glossary in alphabetic order to explain these terms and concepts. By the way, some wonder why a website of an apparent Austrian person is in English. Well, I simply expect a nation having voted for the curse of the global merchants' village at least are able to speak the global language. Those insisting on German may find a short summary of my concepts in the PRONUNCIAMENTO

Performing Philosophy

This term is used in a double sense, meaning - in my case - making philosophical issues sound on the one hand and living according to my insights on the other hand.


(adj.) Born in Vienna, as this city is called in our days, I rather refer to Vindobona to keep in mind there was something before the current civilization with their in every respect destructive thanatomania. By the way, VINDOBONA is of course not a Roman name, as the official storytellers would like it to have, but an old Celtic or even pre-Celtic name, meaning in the former case „white tower“ or in the latter case „white Cow-Goddess“ (Bo-Vinda).

Virtual Band / The Ghosts in the Machine

In the present days I make use of the possibility to compose not only the music but also the instruments including voices entirely in the virtual domain by means of a machine. Additionally, I often work with texts of women having gone past. As ghosts are usually defined as the apparition - a quasi-perceptual experience of something that is not really there - of "deceased" persons, I only had to extend this definition to "living" persons, all of this resulting in The Ghosts in the Machine

The "Wickedary"

The "Websters' First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language" is the fifth of Mary Daly's books. In it she gives a comprehensive account of her radical feminist philosophy by offering an alternative vocabulary and invites Wild women to weave their own Wickedaries. One of these wonderful Wild Women created an online version of The Wickedary

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