Composing Philosophy in a Different Key
by Simone Stefanie Klein


For a short introduction into the objectives of my PHILOSOPHY IN A DIFFERENT KEY, please have a look at the PRONUNCIAMENTO (German version).

Below you will find trial versions of five song samples in mp3 (192kB/s) format of about a minute length each as the fruits of the past year's preliminary work. Some of the song lyrics also are provided for. Songs in full length in wav format as well as information on the backgrounds are provided for upon request.

Flower Child Song | Lyrics
Wittenberg II Song
The Golden Goddess part 1: The Invocation Song | Lyrics
Christine's Blues Song | Lyrics
Lullaby Song

New pieces in progress:

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Be-Musing, v
be-ing a Muse for oneSelf and for Other Muses; refusing Musing to a-Musing scribblers; Spinning great dreams and reveries of Female creations, of Lesbian nations.
The "Wickedary"
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