Composing Philosophy in a Different Key
by Simone Stefanie Klein
Welcome to the website of Vindobonese composer and philosopher Simone Stefanie Klein. The aural and written fractions and kind of rehearsal recordings presented here are a foretaste for the real thing to happen some day. So far, Composing Philosophy in a Different Key simply means
Most of the research work, editing, song & lyrics writing, including musical instrument design is done with the help of a digital universal tool. Even the music you finally can listen to on this website is – for the time being - played by a VIRTUAL band which I call The Ghosts in the Machine. Wishing all this will become REAL some day, I invite everyone interested in the above to contact me.

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It isn't where you come from, it is where you are going that counts.
Ella Fitzgerald
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in further information or in participating in
THE CREATRIX project, please do not hesitate to contact me.