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Stop Global Warming

weitweitweg links
to inspiring sites

mister T - a fab associated artist and great friend
eugen-artig! funky comix and fine art of a libertine
primitive studios feat. lizer m - the best soundstudio in vienna!
the beefcakesuckers - what a fab band!!
ute die gute - a fab graphic designer and soulfly!
die mannschaft of rob meerman and andreas schöfl
screenagers and the web is yours
it problems? - ask them
doris' epicentro mexico city (closed!)

bert participated in the rbma dublin 2000

i have a dream...
get disinformed - the gateway to the underground
indymedia, whatreallyhappened - read the real stuff
the path to peace in Northern Ireland and in Palestine

william blake - selected poetry
hommage a la pataphysik

flash for fun
rg animation studios - watch this out - fab!
fractal cows
lenny´s adventures in space

planet of sound
elusive recordings
redbull music academy
caipirinha productions
live365.com radiostations
drie voor twaalf - dutch site full of fab music to listen to!
cheap - patrick pulsinger and erdem tunakam
i love billy bragg!

the stars
astrodienst - the stars for u everyday
starry starry nights

when it´s time to go
music to die for