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credits to Eugen Klement, thanks to Georg Aschenfeld
gush - repeat andi pils & bert preiss
have a dream
en masse -
daedalus flight ... icarus falls
absturz (downfall)
xbert - song par andi bert
for andi
en masse - fresh(er)

get ready

xbert & irinibaba - cajerer

irina holzinger & bert
a voice of beauty -
thank you, Irina!

:)) geistamusik ((:
max matthews -
bicycle built for two
the stone ages of electronic sound - a single voiced waveform from 1961!
like a tim & gina v. d'orio -
running scared
beautiful electronic remake of an old tune
scope - bacchanal one of the
sweetest songs ever!!!
beausoleil - zydeco gris gris for finally going home
beefcake suckers - ben's memorial rock a terrific unreleased track with the unforgettable ben schatz on the base

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