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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it a game, can I play with SrrTrains?


Can I create games with SrrTrains?

Not yet, but maybe this could become possible in some unknown future.
However, the project is HIBERNATING THE SECOND TIME, CURRENTLY (March 2020).

If it is not yet finished, then what is it NOW?

Now it is a concept and you are invited to contribute.

Which software is available?

URL License Available Software
www.mediafire.com closed source/shw SRR Tools
simulrr.sourceforge.net open source/LGPL Concepts' Descriptions
Demo Layout
SRR/SMUOS Framework
www.web3d.org ISO standard X3D + Network Sensor

Which tools do I need?

To create SrrTrains layouts, you need authoring tools, you need a copy of the SRR/SMUOS Framework and you may use the SRR Tools (these are optional).
To play with SrrTrains layouts, you need a Web3D Browser (currently the software supports the BS Contact browser) and you need access to a Collaboration Server (currently the software supports the BS Collaborate server).

What could be the USP of SrrTrains?

SrrTrains could be based completely on ISO and IETF standards, in some unknown future.

Why is the project stuck in hibernation mode?

We would like to replace the "BIMPF approach" by the "SMUOS/C3P approach" (please refer to the Glossary for an explanation of these terms).
Unfortunately, we are dependent on external input, when doing so.
The current results of the project are our input for external parties to be able to do their part. However, we cannot force anybody to do anything.

Where can I find information about SrrTrains?

All information accessible via the present page is "inofficial", because the project is not yet elaborate enough.
However, we can access all "official" information via the Hibernation Page

Historic Information

If you would like to use the old (!) Demo 2012 ("step 0032") to edit your own modules and models, then you could need the descriptions of the API of the SRR Framework or of the "ABI" Track Geometry (in "step 0033", these API descriptions have been replaced by the Concepts' Descriptions ( http://simulrr.sourceforge.net/concepts/000_Synopsis.pdf)).