About Klay


Klay is an alternative pop band from Graz, Austria, who sees music as an intense expression of emotion and as a precious opportunity to connect with people on a unique level. Through their music, Klara, Ben and Martin try to convey this reality and share their experiences with everyone who listens. Their songs come alive when performed on-stage, and experiencing Klay live best exemplifies what their music is all about: expression, emotion, spontaneity and raw energy.


The Band

Ben  – bass

Ben – bass

Klara  – vocals, guitar

Klara – vocals, guitar

Martin  – drums

Martin – drums


Klay got started in late 2009, when Klara decided she wanted to share the songs she had written with a broader audience. She asked her husband Ben and their good friend Walter to help her out, and Klay was born as a singer/songwriter project with a supporting band.

For the first few years, Klay played at small shows and private parties around their hometown of Graz, Austria. Then, in January 2012 Klara decided to focus on music and invest more time and effort in Klay, which definitely paid off. Klay started playing larger venues, reaching more people and building up a base of dedicated fans.

On June 7, 2013, Klay released their first single called Holding On, which got a lot of airplay on local radio stations.

After playing around 25 shows in 2013, by the end of the year it was becoming clearer that Klay was not a singer/songwriter accompanied by a band, but rather a band in its own right.

In February 2014 Walter left the band, and Martin joined a few weeks later. 

Since switching drummers, Klay has grown together as a band and have been hard at work writing new material and finding out where their journey will take them. Their first EP "Reflected" was released 22 May, 2015 by GAB Music, and showcases their musical journey. 

Work on their first full-length album is currently underway.