Klay's blog, where we will post updates about the band, what we're doing, where we're playing and other important news. We'll also be posting pictures and videos of our gigs. You can comment on our posts and share them on social networks if you feel like it.

Klay is an acoustic rock band from Graz, Austria. 

"Reflected" EP – out now!

Our new EP "Reflected" is now available! You can buy it digitally online or order a physical CD in our brand new store, and you can listen to it right here or on Soundcloud.

We are super excited to finally let you guys hear what we have been working these last months. Let us know what you think!

… and if you like what we do, please consider supporting us by buying our music πŸ˜€ 

Thank you!

EP design by Elias Sonnek

We also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who made this EP possible: our friends and families, for supporting and helping us; our producer Georg Gabler for getting our best work out of us; Michi and Dan from Witchrider for helping us out with the preproduction; Lena Zechner for her constant support; Elias Sonnek for all his wonderful design work; Joni, Γ–li and everyone else at GAB Music; and a special thank you to all our awesome Startnext supporters, Max Oswald, Stadt Graz and Land Steiermark.

And thank YOU for listening to our music and spreading the word! It means a lot to us. πŸ˜€

New single "Over"

We're super excited to release "Over", the first single off our upcoming EP "Reflected"!

You can listen to it on Soundcloud or YouTube and buy it on Bandcamp. Please spread the word if you like it :)

β€œWhat is it gonna be
do we drop it and see
keep fighting for you and me
till it is over”
β€” Klay // Over

"Over" on Radio Soundportal

Over has been playing on our local radio station Soundportal for a few days now, so if you are in Graz and want to hear it, you can ask them to play it. You can also vote for "Over" in the Soundportal Charts (select "Klay - Over" from the list or enter it into the field below).

AND, in case you missed it, we also just launched a crowdfunding campaign
– you can check it out 

Support us through crowdfunding

Hey guys!

Just writing to let you know that we launched a crowd funding campaign yesterday to help cover the costs of our EP production, as well as all the associated costs.

We would deeply appreciate any support you can throw our way! You can watch our pitch video and check out our campaign page for more information, including the rewards you can get for supporting us πŸ˜€

Click here to support us:
Finally! Klay is getting ready to release their first EP called "Reflected". The raw alternative pop band from Graz, Austria has worked hard and put a lot of heart into this project, and is now hoping for your support to make it a reality, with all that entails. Aside from the EP with four brand new songs, the band also wants to produce an awesome music video for their first single "Over".