My Mission(What Business I am in?):
I am "Portfolio Worker". My portfolio consists of:

  • Public Work:

o   Helping to get the Ideas of the "Föhrenberg-Kreis" (http://foehrenbergkreisdokumente.wordpress.com/, http://fbkfinanzwirtschaft.wordpress.com/) (to help the "corporation" Austria to reinvent itself) spread around and implemented.

o   Consulting/coaching public institutions (regions, lobbying organizations, ...) about Cluster design and implementation, market identification, research initiatives

  • Business Consultancy – Unternehmensberatung (usually in an international environment):
    • Corporate Transformation Projects, BPR - Business Process Reengineering (in cooperation with internationally renowned Consulting Organizations) – Unternehmenstransformation (in Austria through NUTs). “A Turnaround is transformation tragically delayed – an expensive substitute for well-timed adaptation”. (Gary Hamel)
    • Business Model Development
    • Visioning: Coaching to define Values, Value Propositions, Vision, Mission, Strategy, Objectives
    • frog_big_transparent_nutsInnovation Brokerage: My clients themselves are the most innovative – but learning from patterns of innovation of other industries (which I bring to the party) can
      lead to new, networked “recombinant innovation” (A. Hargadon). I can offer help
      with “Business Model Innovation”
    • Board Room Consultancy (Consultancy about Consultancy)
    • Executive Coaching/Mentoring
    • Helping New Economy Companies (and others) to go public, prepare for management buyouts, achieve a fair price in a takeover 
    • Organizational Transformation - Organisationstransformation
    • Change Management, Leading Change
    • Marketing and Business Plans
    • Knowledge and Information Management, IT Governance
    • Measuring Intangibles
    • Do You want to know more? Click here!

  • Trend Spotting in Business and Management
    • Since my times as Head of the company university (1988) I have been reading about 80-90 business books per year, and that across all the relevant topics (from Strategy thru Management and Leadership, Marketing,  Finance, Human Capital, IT, Information Management, Innovation, Environment, Geopolitical Order, etc.)
    • This has been complemented by many business journals, magazines, and recently more and more Weblogs.
    • Blended with my 35 years of management experience, this allows me to determine which management concepts are lasting and sustainable, and which ones are fads or just fashionable. And this helps me also to sense emergent trends and new management concepts.

  • Educational Projects:
    • Helping to conceive and design Management/High Potential Education Curricula and tutoring them
    • Lecturing about a wide range of topics
      • Management, Leadership
      • Marketing
      • Innovation
      • IT and Information Management, E-Business
      • Knowledge Management
      • Intangibles Management
      • New Financial Measures
      • Learning, Training and Education

  • Lecturing at Universities and Post-Graduate Institutions:
    • in various countries
    • different topics (from theology to information management)
    • in different languages

  • Writing
    • Books
    • Professional Articles
    • Newspaper- and Magazine Contributions

  • Work with "Non-Profit-Organizations"
    • trying to help them to apply professional principles

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