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"SHREW TALK" - Vol. 1, No. 21 - 2 October 1997

SHREW TALK - 2 October 1997 - Vol. 1, No. 21
Number of Recipients: >239
Contents of this Issue
o Editorial
o Research
1. Re: Shrew venom ... lacking data
2. Re: Collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum
3. Yellowstone Fires / Shrew Habitat Preferences
o Miscellaneous
1. Ex-Soviet Shrew Bibliography Project: Bound to Fail !??
2. Multimedia program for the Franklin Park Conservatory
3. Shrew (ist's) Site mentioned in BBC Wildlife Magazine
o Shrew-Mateur
1. Catching Shrews
2. Another Shrew Backyard Problem?
o Shrew Bibliography: New Papers
1. Phylogeny of Eurasian soricine shrews
2. Origin and Distribution of Shrews in Breton Islands
o What's New on the Shrew (ist's) Site
1. New Shrewists on e-mail
2. Computer artwork by M. D. Smith: Shrewdolphins
3. Shrew Conference Hall: under construction
o Shrew Talk Instructions
Dear Shrew-Fessionals and Shrew-Mateurs,
New subscribers, a few new 'Shrewists', 2 new papers, a great contribution to shrew art, a planned internet conference and many visitors...
But what really grieves me is the poor response to my recent mailing (19 September 1997) concerning the 'Ex-Soviet Shrew Bibliography' (please see section below). I only received 2 responses yet and I am sorry to say that this project is bound to fail. Personally, I believe that this hard-to-get bibliography is very valuable and the project should not be thwarted by any financial constraints.... (Are you kidding? I offered to pay the full amount to get the references, do the formatting and posting and there were only 2 people interested in getting them for a shared price? - Please think this over...) Many of you might have just returned from your vacations to meet the new semester, so I am posting my query again and I *do* hope to receive some positive replies.
Your's shrewly, Werner Haberl
1) Re: Shrew venom ... lacking data
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 12:19:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Marc W Allard <mwallard@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu>
Please add me to the Shrew Talk list. I do not have an answer to question three about shrew venom. But I do have an additional question regarding poisons. Do we know what protein or proteins are involved in shrew venoms? I have looked long and hard in the literature and have not found an answer. This surprises me as we know a great deal about snake and insect venoms.
Marc W. Allard Louis Weintraub Assistant Professor of Biology
343 Lisner Hall Dept. of Biological Sciences The George Washington University Washington DC 20052
Tel 202-994-7065 FAX 202-994-6100
2) Re: Collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum
From: Thomas Dahlmann <TDAHLMAN@sng.uni-frankfurt.de>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 11:45:19 GMT-1
Subject: Re: SHREW TALK: Vol. 1, No. 20 - 24 September 1997
Dear Dr. Koyasu,
in the latest "Shrew-Talk" I read about your 'Catalogue of the collection of mammals in the Siberian Museum (Novosibirsk)'. I would be very grateful if you could tell me the price of this catalogue and where it is available.
Thank you very much in advance!
Thomas Dahlmann
3) Yellowstone Fires / Shrew Habitat Preferences
From: "Scott Seville" <SSEVILLE@acad.cc.whecn.edu>
Organization: Casper College
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 08:52:52 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: subscribe to shrew talk
I am a small mammal ecologist/parasitologist currently developing a project investigating shrew habitat preferences in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA. This is an extension of ongoing work examining vole/deer mouse responses to fire that started after the 1988 Yellowstone fires.
Dr. R. Scott Seville Assistant Professor of Zoology University of Wyoming/ Casper Center 125 College Drive Casper, WY 82601 USA
1) Ex-Soviet Shrew Bibliography Project: Bound to Fail !??
From: Werner Haberl - shrewbib@sorex.vienna.at
Dear Shrew Colleagues,
Regarding the ex-soviet shrew bibliography, I hitherto received only 2 answers from scientists who would be interested. (Are you kidding? I offer to pay the full amount to get the references and there are only 2 people interested in getting them for a shared price? - Please think this over...)
I was offered a bibliography of shrew references from the territory of the former Soviet Union. It was stated that there were *several hundred* references that would *considerably* expand the current 'Shrew Bibliography', and that these could be retrieved for a 'modest fee'. However, this 'modest' fee turned out to be approximately *1.000 USD* for *not* annotated references without abstracts. Adding abstracts would involve 'higher costs', they say. Literature retrieval goes back until 1946, but, if necessary, they could 'find papers back to 1917 or even earlier'. 'All text would be in English, but provision of Russian titles and source by Latin letters would be possible.' '...The references would include papers on other small mammal triba, where a serious part is dedicated to shrews, - as well as faunistical monographs, where separate chapters are devoted to shrews.'
Wanting to track all available shrew literature to make it available to the Shrew Community, *I* am thinking about obtaining this list to prepare a special supplement to the existing version of the 'Shrew Bibliography'. These hard-to-get references would be a major and valuable addition. *I* know that the information offered, is extremely difficult to retrieve...
Before I get any more excited about this (!), and before I place an order, start to negotiate and head into a financial crisis, I would like to ask if anybody of you Shrewists thinks that this endeavour is worth the trouble. The amount of money asked is certainly not bearable for an individual, so I am speculating to buy the data and to distribute them to members of the 'Shrew (ist's) Site' for an acceptable price.
I have not seriously thought about it yet, but could imagine providing the data as a special issue (Supplement to 'The Shrew Bibliography') on floppy disks (not CD). The price would depend on the demand.
Anybody who would be interested in obtaining a copy of this special bibliography should contact me as soon as possible, so that I can calculate the costs and judge whether this purchase is worth it or not. The price should turn out to be modest enough as to cover my total purchasing costs, mailing costs and additional bank charges. Extra funds, if any, will be recycled back into the Shrew Site.
As I said, I am not yet sure about the procedure. Whether the references will be supplied on disk only or as printed format accompanied by a disk, depends on the offer I get from the company.
I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience,
Werner Haberl - shrewbib@sorex.vienna.at
Original mail:
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:53:14 +0300
To: shrewbib@sorex.vienna.at
Subject: bibliography
Our private firm, established in 1991, prepares bibliographies, reviews, photocopies of original papers, translations from Russian into English of zoological materials from territory of former Soviet Union for different national and international wildlife organizations.
If You have in Your Shrew Bibliography enough quantity of Russian (ex-Soviet) publications on Shrews, in this case excuse us please for troouble. But if You havn't it, please let us know, we are able to expand Your Bibliograpohy very quckly and considerably, because in territory of 1/6 part of the global land several hundreds articles were published on Shrews.
2) Multimedia program for the Franklin Park Conservatory
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 18:18:56 +0000
From: Diane Guiett <guiett.1@osu.edu>
Subject: Shrew pictures
Dr. Haberl,
I am a consultant with an Educational State agency in Ohio. I am working on a multimedia program for the Franklin Park Conservatory for students age K-3. The program that I am developing is "Who Needs Trees?" One of the animals that I am working on is a shrew. I have had a very hard time finding a photograph of a shrew, but I came across your homepage, and the photos were great. But I noticed that you have a copyright disclaimer. This project is strictly for educational use, and will not be resold. May I have permission to use either of the photos? I have enclosed the people who did the pictures. I will make sure that I give credit to the people with their pictures.
Richard Kraft:
Richard Forbes:
Thank you for your time in this matter. If you have any other questions, please email me. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Forwarding this message to the persons concerned...
3) Shrew (ist's) Site mentioned in BBC Wildlife Magazine
The site has got a mention in this months (October) issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine, so I am expecting many new visitors. It is listed in a section called 'Wolf Spider - your guide to (wildlife on) the internet' written by Jeremy Cherfas.
All it says is:
'Readers have been sending in some splendid sites for me to share with you. Dr. Angus Davison pointed me at the Shrew (-ist's) Site at ...'
...but I have noticed some influx lately.
Thank you, W.H.
1) Catching Shrews
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 97 01:19:28 UT
From: "Larry Mitchell" <lsmitchell@classic.msn.com>
Subject: shrews...obviously...
Looking to trap shrews, and I wanted to know the best method and bait,
thanks Larry Mitchell lsmitchell@msn.com
When live-trapping, check traps every 1-3 hours and provide some food (eg meal-worms) and bedding (eg cotton-wool). Commonly used traps are pitfalls, Sherman - and Longworth traps. Also check with the legislation of your country for catching shrews. Many shrew species are protected by law and you would need a special permit to trap them.
Please don't kill them!
For further information please check the vast literature and the archives of Shrew Talk. Trapping procedures have been discussed in quite a few issues.
Werner Haberl - shrewbib@sorex.vienna.at
2) Another Shrew Backyard Problem?
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:39:43 -0400
From: Mike Laking <mlaking@mulberry.com>
I would appreciate any current papers you may have on shrews. I have a large problem with them in my backyard and the trapper has managed to capture 5 so far but there are more.
Any info would be appreciated.
Shrews don't cause backyard problems, they rather solve them and in many countries they are protected. A great number of species are considered as endangered. Most shrews are solitary animals that don't aggregate and don't burrow actively. Their diet mainly consists of invertebrates such as insects, spiders, worms, and snails etc. I doubt that the animals you are talking about are shrews. Maybe field mice or voles.
Werner Haberl - shrewbib@sorex.vienna.at
“The Shrew Bibliography” is a collection of more than 6000 references to research on the biology of the Soricidae (Insectivora, Mammalia) and small mammal ecology. More info: http://members.vienna.at/shrew/shrewbib.html
To announce your new research papers/books, please follow the instructions (separate fields with the character "#"): Author(s)#Year#Title#Journal&Page No.#Abstract#Keywords#Address *I* would appreciate receiving a reprint of your paper and/or a list of your publications to add to the bibliography.
1) Phylogeny of Eurasian soricine shrews
From: "ANGUS DAVISON" <PDZAD@pdn1.gene.nottingham.ac.uk>
Organization: Dept of Genetics, Univ of Nottm
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 19:04:55 GMT
Werner, I came across this which you may not know about. I don't have a copy yet.
AUTHORS: Ohdachi,S., Masuda,R., Abe,H., Adachi,J., Dokuchaev,N.E.,Haukisalmi,V. and Yoshida,M.C. TITLE: Phylogeny of Eurasian soricine shrews (Insectivora, Mammalia) inferred from the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences JOURNAL: Zool. Sci. 14, 527-532 (1997)
I am in the (very slow process) of collaborating in writing a paper on the phylogenetics within Neomys.
Angus -- Dr. Angus Davison Dept. Genetics, Q.M.C. University of Nottingham Nottingham. NG7 2UH
email angus.davison@nott.ac.uk tel. 0115 924 9924 ext. 42321 fax. 0115 970 9906
2) Origin and Distribution of Shrews in Breton Islands
Jeann-Francois Cosson sent in the following paper:
Cosson, J.F., M. Pascal, F. Bioret (1996): Origine et repartition des musaraignes du genre Crocidura dans les Iles Bretonnes. (Origin and distribution of shrews, genus Crocidura, in Breton Islands). Vie Milieu 46 (3/4): 233-244. (In French; English abstract).
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