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The Shrew Bibliography
Soricidae - Insectivora - Mammalia

compiled by

Werner Haberl

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The Shrew Bibliography. - A collection of more than 6000 references to research on the biology of the Soricidae (Insectivora, Mammalia) and small mammal ecology.

Papers and books on various topics (ecology, behaviour, anatomy, histology, genetics, physiology, predators, parasites, palaeontology, reproduction, development, ultrastructure, cytology, medical research, systematics, taxonomy, evolution, trapping and research methods, laboratory breeding, zoogeography, conservation etc.) as well as unpublished data (e.g. contributions to meetings, dissertations, theses) have been considered.

The data was compiled by searching the references in original papers I have collected for my own research on shrews during the past years. The many reprints and publication lists I received from colleagues world-wide and the personal correspondence resulting from my mailing of a questionnaire were of great help. All references were multiply checked and compared with existing bibliographies to minimise errors.

The bibliography, especially the CD-ROM version, should be a valuable and powerful tool for all researchers of shrew biology and related topics. It also gives an insight into the historical development of shrew research. Depending on your computer system, the CD-ROM allows sorting by author, title, publishing year, journal or language and the references are annotated with key words facilitating a fast search for specific topics. Many references are supplemented with a short abstract. User-specific fields have been included.

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I. CD-ROM Version 1995 (including keywords). ISBN 3-9500483-0-8.

II. Printed Version 1995. ISBN 3-9500483-1-6.

Update Version: An update is planned for 1997 / 1998. This will include new and hitherto missed old references as well as more summaries. Anyone who wishes to contribute by providing his / her references or publication lists should send me an E-mail ( (Subject: bibliography). Receiving a copy or a reprint of your publication would ensure correct citation of your paper in the bibliography.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Lists of excerpted literature references:
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Address all correspondence to:

Dr. Werner Haberl, Hamburgerstrasse 11, A-1050 Vienna Austria. E-mail: (Subject: bibliography).


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