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The Shrew Giftshop
& Fleamarket
To be completed soon...
This is not a professional giftshop and it is not even a shop,
because you can't buy anything yet.
However, the items shown below will maybe soon be available and purchasing a "Gift" would help
"The Shrew (ist's) Site to survive....
If you are interested in any of the items, please contact
The site depends on being partially supported by voluntary donations as a scholarly forum, to provide public awareness of shrews, and to furnish enjoyable "shrewdness". From this small beginning we hope to be able to commission truly unique works of "shrewabilia" before too long, thus assisting artists and artisans as well as shrews and habitats. If you know of a source for obtaining shrew items, please let us know, or if there is something "shrewish" you'd like to see in the gift shop, write us about it and we'll see what we can do.
Thanks for stopping by!

Of course, we have to pay for these items or are dependant on people who
  • give them away for a fair price,
  • give permission to use copyrighted images or
  • provide cheap possibilities to reproduce / manufacture items
  • "Proceeds", if any, will be recycled back into the maintenance of the "Shrew (ist's) Site" and help fund associated shrew projects...
    The following is just a proposal for shrew items that could be available in the near future.
    If you know about or have any shrew items for the giftshop, please inform me...
    - You will be contacted when the sale starts -

    Longsleeve with shrew caravan image on sleeve

    "Metabolically active wear". "No Gluttony, No Glory"
    Design by Matt Persons

    Sets of postcards
    Shrewcards-001 (Shru-puter Art by Mary D. Smith, Tiger Graphics: Shrudolphine, Shrublossom etc.)

    Shrewcards-002 (North American Shrews)
    Permission to use images for postcards pending
    Shrewcards-004 (Shrew Drawings and Engravings)
    Shrewcards-005 (African Shrews)
    Shrewcards-006 (Asian Shrews)
    Shrewcards-010 (The "Mousers": Our Cats)
    Shrewposter-001: Not available yet, but soon to come

    Plush Shrew

    Mouse-Pad for your Computer Shrew

    Shrew-Screensaver (Slide Show) and Background Image for your Computer (on disk)

    Shrew-Rubber Stamp

    A CD of "Shrew" Music
    More about the band...
    ... and, of course, "The Shrew Bibliography" on CD-ROM

    Shrew Silver, Ceramics, Wood ? As to my knowledge not existing. - Anyone?
    More about how you can contribute and help this project

    Copyright © Disclaimer

    This web site was created by
    Dr. Werner Haberl. Address: Hamburgerstrasse 11, A-1050 Vienna, Austria.

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