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List of Photographers and Copyright © Holders


The 'Shrew (ist's) Site' is a non-profit web-site and is not intended to infringe upon the rights of any holders of copyrights. The images were supplied by the original photographers, who kindly permitted me to use them for this purpose. Wherever possible their names are noted with the images. However, a few pictures were sent to me without any additional information. A few items were taken from other web-sites and used without permission, but the source is always stated and linked to the specific site. In case anybody feels that her/his copyright has been violated, please don't sue me. After all I am giving you free publicity. - Contact me, if you want your pictures to be removed.

All images and graphics contained in this homepage are for your viewing pleasure. They may not be copied or downloaded for any purpose.

Copyright Holders:

Books and papers from wich certain pictures were copied with permission:

Sara Churchfield. 1988. Shrews of the British Isles. Bucks: Shire Publ. Ltd. (Shire Natural History series No. 30). (Photos by D. Hosking)

Hutterer, R. 1994. Shrews of ancient Egypt: Biogeographical interpretation of a new species. Pp. 407-414. In: J.F. Merritt, G.L. Kirkland Jr., R.K. Rose (eds.). Advances in the Biology of Shrews. Carnegie Museum of Natural History Special Publication no. 18, x + 458 pp. (Photos by E. Brunner-Traut)

IUCN. 1995. Eurasian Insectivores and Tree shrews - Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. 108 pp. (Photos by P. Vogel)

Nagorsen, D.W. 1996. Opossums, Shrews and Moles of British Columbia. (Royal British Columbia Museum handbook: The Mammals of British Columbia, Vol. 2). UBC Press, Vancouver. 169 pp.

All other images and Text: © by Werner Haberl and The Shrew Bibliography.

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