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While managing the Project


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While managing the Project
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While managing the Project

Simply follow at least this measures:

  1. Do your job in accordance with the definition of what about the project management is (like PMBOK which defines that “Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from the project”.
    You can test the level of compliance by performing a Project Audit – i.e. by self assessment using a project audit questionnaire or checklists.
  2. At agreed intervals report to contract owner (contract manager).
  3. Obtain unique identification of your project within your organization (e.g. project number).
  4. Create and maintain (including archiving) of at least all mandatory documents in its latest version (which documents are mandatory and what structure shall be used will probably depend on regulations within your organization).
  5. A Project Reference must be in place and kept up to date as required.
  6. Review past Lessons Learned to identify already known issues and methods applied to projects for same type, client etc. in the past.
  7. Manage and report at agreed intervals financial data like estimates, actual costs, work performed, budget etc. (some of this might be even mandatory and even the periods of such reporting might be mandatory within your organization)
  8. Be initiative to audit the project, preferred in half year intervals, or at least perform a peer review each 6 months – or, if not to be conducted, place some significant motivation in the project handbook on why not to do so.
  9. Keep archive clean, especially during/after the closure.


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