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Shrews in Colombia

(Thanks to Michael Alberico)

Spanish: Musarañas (Musaraña)

Cryptotis avia: Musaraña de Choachì (recently synonimized with C. thomasi, see Woodman, 1996)

Cryptotis nigrescens: Musaraña Centroamericana (no specimens from Colombia; included in list of Colombian mammals based on distribution of C. mera in eastern Panama)

Cryptotis colombiana: Musaraña Antoiqueña

Cryptotis meridensis: Musaraña de Mèrida (may be conspecific with with C. thomasi, but treated separately by Hutterer, 1993)

Cryptotis squamipes: Musaraña de Munchique

Cryptotis thomasi: Musaraña de Thomas

These names are given in the following paper:

Rodriguez-Mahecha, J. V., J. Hernandez-Camacho, T. R. Defler, M. Alberico, R. B. Mast, R. A. Mittermeier & A. Cadena. 1995. Mamìferos colombianos: Sus nombres comunes e indìgenas. Conservation International, Occasional Paper, No. 3. 56 pp.

In this paper we have made an attempt to "standardize" use of common names in Spanish, given the need for a common point of reference among the many and various end-users of this information (especially all of those doing environmental impact surveys).

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