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Editors: J. M. WOJCIK and M. WOLSAN
Publisher: Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences 17-230 BIALOWIEZA, Poland
Year of publication: 1998
Estimated publication date: May 1998
Number of pages: xii + 458 pp.
Cover: Hardback Book size: 24 cm
ISBN 83-907521-0-7
Price: 38 USD

In spite of an apparent recent increase of interest in shrews and an impressive bibliography on the evolution of this fascinating group of mammals, until now there has been no comprehensive work that deals with current problems in shrew evolutionary research. This book represents an attempt to redress this omission, by offering a volume that seeks to review the present state of our knowledge of shrew evolutionary biology.

Authors and Contents:

  • Introduction - M. Wolsan and J.M. Wojcik
  • 1. A classification of the fossil and Recent shrews - J.W.F. Reumer
  • 2. Fossil history of shrews in Europe - B. Rzebik-Kowalska
  • 3. Fossil history of shrews in Asia - G. Storch, Zh. Qiu and V.S. Zazhigin
  • 4. Fossil history of shrews in Africa - P.M. Butler
  • 5. Fossil history of shrews in North America - A.H. Harris
  • 6. Dental adaptations in shrews - E. Dannelid
  • 7. Chromosomal evolution in shrews - J. Zima, L. Lukacova and M. Macholan
  • 8. Chromosomal evolution: The case of Sorex araneus - J.B. Searle and J.M. Wojcik
  • 9. Protein evolution in shrews - M. Ruedi
  • 10. Mitochondrial DNA evolution in shrews - J. Hausser, L. Fumagalli and P. Taberlet
  • 11. Evolution of energetic strategies in shrews - J.R.E. Taylor
  • 12. Evolution of social systems in shrews - L. Rychlik
  • 13. Shrew mating systems - P. Stockley and J.B. Searle
  • Appendix: A list of the living species of shrews - M. Wolsan and R. Hutterer
  • Taxonomic index
  • To order book online:
    For further information please contact:
    Mammal Research Institute
    Polish Academy of Sciences
    17-230 Bialowieza, Poland
    © Copyright 1998 by Mammal Research Institute PAS, Bialowieza. All rights reserved.


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