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The Shrew Bibliography
Soricidae - Insectivora - Mammalia
compiled by
Werner Haberl
Selected References and New Books
Pages will be added every few months. Status of literature: 1995.
Although the Shrew Bibliography is quite extensive, specialists might miss certain references on specific topics.
Please let me know about any additions.


New Books:

  • Evolution of Shrews (1998)
    Selections from the Shrew Bibliography:
  • April 1997: Crocidura flavescens
  • June 1997: Small Mammal Habitat Selection & Owl Predation
  • July 1997: Frog Remains and Shrew Predation
  • August 1997: Raising and Breeding Shrews

  • ...also see:

  • Poison in Shrews
  • Shrews in Ancient Egypt
  • Reference lists published in the "Shrew Talk" Newsletter / Digest:
  • References on Soil Ingestion and Contaminated Sites
  • More References on Soil Ingestion and Contaminated Sites
  • References on Sorex preblei
  • Dentition and Iron pigmentation in Soricinae
  • Crocidura allex, fumosa, luna, turba, olivieri
  • Sorex gaspensis
  • Shrew helminths (selected references provided by M. Kinsella)
  • Landscape structure in relation to shrew conservation
  • Echolocation
  • Caravanning behaviour
  • A list of publications by Manuel Ruedi & colleagues
  • A list of publications by Sen-Ichi Oda & colleagues
  • A list of publications by Vasilij V. Tkach & colleagues
  • A list of new publications by Michal Stanko & colleagues (1995-1997): ectoparasites
  • A list of new publications by Rainer Hutterer & colleagues (1996-1997)

  • The complete bibliography (> 6000 references) is available as

    I. CD-ROM Version 1995 (including keywords, many abstracts). ISBN 3-9500483-0-8.

    II. Printed Version 1995. ISBN 3-9500483-1-6.




    Address all correspondence to:
    Dr. Werner Haberl. Address: Hamburgerstrasse 11, A-1050 Vienna, Austria.