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The Shrew Bibliography
Soricidae - Insectivora - Mammalia
compiled by
Werner Haberl
Selected references 2/1997
This page will be changed monthly / bi-monthly. Status of literature: 1995.
This month's topic:
Small Mammal Habitat Selection & Owl Predation
June 1997
Although the Shrew Bibliography is quite extensive, specialists might miss certain references on specific topics.
Please let me know about any additions.
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The following is merely a short list of selected references on this topic, which was inspired by an inquiry (see "SHREW TALK" Vol. 1, No. 3). Of course, there is a great bulk of literature on this topic... One can hardly manage to get through the jungle of references a Biosis- or Zoological Records- search would reveal.

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1861 Haberl, W. (1995): Zum Beutespektrum des Mäusebussards, Buteo buteo (Accipitridae, Aves), im Waldviertel (Niederösterreich). (Contribution to the prey analysis of the buzzard in the Waldviertel region, Lower Austria.). Egretta 38: 124-129. (German; English summ.)

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5896 Wirminghaus, J.O., M.R. Perrin (1993): Seasonal changes in density, demography and body composition of small mammals in a southern temperate forest. Journal of Zoology (London) 229(2): 303-318. (English)

Last topic:

April 1997: Crocidura flavescens

Please don't ask me for back issues. I deleted the selections...

The complete bibliography (> 6000 references) is available as

I. CD-ROM Version 1995 (including keywords, many abstracts). ISBN 3-9500483-0-8.

II. Printed Version 1995. ISBN 3-9500483-1-6.



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