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Applet License


Gefährdungsanalyse nach EG - Maschinenrichtlinie
Analiza zagrożeń zgodnie z dyrektywą UE
AnTherm (Thermal Bridges)
AnTherm (Wärmebrücken)
GEBA (Gebäudesimulation)
Externe Kosten (ecopotential calculus)
WaeBru (thermal heat bridges)
WaeBru (Wärme Brücken)
HochSch (isolines and pseudocolor)
HochSch (Isolinien und Falschfarben)
SolRad3 (solar radiation)
SolRad3 (Sonnenstrahlung)
Solar Toolbox (solar energy potential)
Applet License
Gauß-Krüger (geo coordinate transform)
NatVent (natural ventilation)
NatVent (natural ventilation)
Kenn8110 (Bauteil Kenngrössen)
AVS-ARC/INFO (AVS modules)

You are going to protect your intellectual property? Have you already considered protecting your applets? Is an applet placed on the web something you'd like to protect? Does the applet you've published somewhere on the web make you concerned about your intellectual properties being distributed without your knowledge and being out of your control? How do you license your applets to webmasters, providers and users on the www?

Through as little modification of your code as few lines, you can protect the intellectual property, which is your truly own code, against its misuse.

The code you need, can freely be provided to you. Simply download the documentation and classes required and start developing. When you're done, request for the license (or licenses) to distribute the code to its licensees. The procedure is very simple and straightforward - you require your licensees to pay license fees to you and also you need license keys you will be invoiced for.

The license being issued to you will bind your code to the place where the download shall originate. It is up to you to specify the depth and the preciseness of the license code you'll request for. You shall also relay the license request of your customers for additional licenses.

By providing this smart method you'll be able to control the distribution of your applets through the web. You, and only you, will be responsible and able to define from which web sources your property shall be legally used.

Shipping your applications to a client requires no re-compiling. Instead a license is being generated upon your request that ties your code to the clients web resource and prevents him or other people from using your property on another site.

Further development shall provide the notification mechanisms if your property has been illegally distributed, refreshment of licenses and centralized licensing you could directly manage.
Furthermore, there is running development to provide you with direct ability to generate licenses on your own, without being bound to the need to request any further licenses indirectly.

By extending the methodology towards authentication and digital signatures, there will be the ability to bind the application execution to the owner of the signature instead of the URL or MAC address. This would extend the meaning of the licensing to the legal person and provide you with even more flexibility while licensing the use of your intellectual property to persons and organizations and not only to machines and hosts.

Finally, as of any software, there might be breaches, which couldn't be avoided beforehand, but if recognized and analyzed, shall be included in the design of future version of the licensing methodology.

Interested? Contact us for more.

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