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SolRad3 (solar radiation)


Gefährdungsanalyse nach EG - Maschinenrichtlinie
Analiza zagrożeń zgodnie z dyrektywą UE
AnTherm (Thermal Bridges)
AnTherm (Wärmebrücken)
GEBA (Gebäudesimulation)
Externe Kosten (ecopotential calculus)
WaeBru (thermal heat bridges)
WaeBru (Wärme Brücken)
HochSch (isolines and pseudocolor)
HochSch (Isolinien und Falschfarben)
SolRad3 (solar radiation)
SolRad3 (Sonnenstrahlung)
Solar Toolbox (solar energy potential)
Applet License
Gauß-Krüger (geo coordinate transform)
NatVent (natural ventilation)
NatVent (natural ventilation)
Kenn8110 (Bauteil Kenngrössen)
AVS-ARC/INFO (AVS modules)

SolRad3 is a relatively tiny application used to calculate Solar Position and Solar Radiation. Direct Sunlight Hours can also be calculated. Also the influence of elevated Horizon and Horizon-Shading is evaluated.

Die Sonnenuhr

SolRad V.3.0

Copyright © 1999-2007 T.Kornicki

Please, if you'd like to receive demonstration kit, contact me via email. I will do my best and make this demonstration kit available to you via email as soon as possible.

This demonstration version can be downloaded via this link.  The only limitation of this demonstration feature is slightly limited output. SOLRAD3 needs Microsoft Excel® 97 to complete its output functions.

The documentation is available for you here too (doc/zip) or as an uncompressed PDF file.

Further information

Regarding further information please contact

Othellogasse 1/RH 8/2
A-1230 Wien
Tel./Fax. +43-1-615 70 99
email: tkornick i@ chello.at

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