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The Mice and the Shrew: A Children's Story for Adults by Althea Roderick
(This is part of a book the author is presently working on)

The Mice and the Shrew
By Althea Roderick © 1999

(Photo by Cecil Schwalbe ©)

1. A shrew is a small animal that looks like a sharp-nosed mouse. Shrews eat insects and worms chiefly, but they sometimes kill and eat birds and other small creatures. They will even attack mice larger than themselves. They are fierce fighters. The World Book Encyclopedia, 1970, Vol. 17 p. 360. Shrew Home
Althea Roderick © 1999

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:54:05 -0700
"Althea Roderick" <>
To: The Shrew Site <>
"Both my husband and I were interested in the Shrew Site. It was such an unexpected find. This is a copy of the story in the adult manuscript which I already had written up several years ago. When I tell it to children I cut parts here and there to fit the audience. I also tell the children about the shrew and show the picture when I have finished with the story. This copy was written as part of a book I am presently working on.
I hope you and your "friends of the Shrew" will enjoy it..." - Althea.

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