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Pictures & Cartoons

Introducing: Mrs. and Mr. Shrew
..."no gluttony. no glory"
(Illustrations by Matthew Persons ©)

SHREW: Sorex ornatus
"Shrew looks similar to mice with narrow, pointed snouts and very long whiskers. Their eyes are tiny and ears are hidden in the fur. Their fur is usually brown or grayish darker on the back than on the belly. They are very shy animals, darting into the under growth or down a burrow at the slightest sound. Shrews feed manily on insects, worms, and other small animals. Their teeth are sharp and pointed. Shrews are extremely nervous animal. Sudden loud sounds can literatly frighten the to death. When frightened,their heart may beat up to 1,200 times a minute."
Pacific Elementary School in Sacramento
Image taken from

Shrew People (Cartoon by Gary Larson)

The copyright © to this image belongs to Chronicle Features/Far Works Inc.

"Why So Many Shrew Couples Break Up"

Cartoon by R. Safsten © 1999

"As you might imagine, there's a rather limited audience for "shrew humor." My wife certainly doesn't see anything funny about this. With almost nauseous humility I modestly affirm that it was my No. 2 pencil that caused all the damage. You have no idea how difficult it is to get shrews to sit still long enough for this kind of sketch..." Ronald Safsten

Take a look at a "shrewbot"

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