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Poems & Texts
Strange as it seems, the smallest mammal
Is the shrew, and not the camel.
And that is all I ever knew,
Or wish to know, about the shrew.
(Ogden Nash)

If we could ask the pygmy shrew what it thinks of its larger relative,
I think that it would bristle indignantly and squeak:
"Are you referring to those stupid lumbering brutes
who are always in the way?"
The common shrew, however, when questioned,
would look blank at first, and then ask in a guarded tone:
"I say, you don't really believe in those, do you?"
(Peter Crowcroft, 1957)

Have you ever considered a shrew,
A 1000 and one things you could do
So small and So furry and incredibly cute
The kind of thing you could find in your boot
And just consider, perhaps you knew
There's stacks of things that rhyme with shrew.
Tiny little hands and a long long nose
And because they are furry they dont need any clothes
They dont have many problems except when the're sad
But being a shrew can't be all that bad.
Ok they can't sing and perhaps they can't dance
Or maybe they could if someone gave them a chance
But they'd never play Wembley, even if they dare
Cos shrews are so small
You wouldn't know they were there
So whenever your lonely and feeling so sad
Just think about shrews and the life that they had
And perhaps in your next life, if dreams can come true
You might be a pitpony or a talented shrew
(Shrew pert Bear, 1997) (from the Canary Islands)

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