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The Shrew Photo Gallery

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Neomys anomalus and Neomys fodiens: Belly Patterns

(Photos by W. Haberl ©)

1) Miller's Water Shrew (Neomys anomalus)

a) N. a. showing white belly and white spots above eyes.

b) N. a. (anaesthesia) showing melanisms: Stripe, inguinal patch and patch on the throat. {Arrows: 1) border of autumnal moult, 2) old colour mark, 3) new colour mark (Auramin)}.

2) European Water Shrew (Neomys fodiens)

a) N. f. melanisms: Stripe on belly, white tuft of hair in inguinal patch. The throat shows yellow, which is a natural colouring attributed to the intake of carotinoids contained in Gammaridae.

b) N. f. (pregnant) melanisms: Stripe on belly. Partly coloured black. Yellow throat and chest (s.o.).

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