Types of Verb        
state verbs (gap-fill)
state verbs (quiz)
The Present        
present simple (match)
present simple - proverbs 1 (match) present simple - proverbs 2 (gap-fill)
present simple - routines (gap-fill) present progressive 1 (match) present progressive 2 (gap-fill)
present progressive 3 (gap-fill)   simple/progressive - have (gap-fill) present simple/progressive (gap-fill)
present simple/progressive (gap-fill) pres. simple/progressive (gap-fill)  
The Past        
past simple (a joke) (gap-fill) past simple / progressive (match) events / circumstances (gap-fill)  
events /circumstances (a crime) (gap-fill)                                                           events / circumstances (2 jokes) (gap-fill)
The Present Perfect  
present perfect simple 1a (match) present perfect simple 1 (match) present perfect / past (1) (gap-fill)
present perfect/past (2) (gap-fill) present perfect progressive 1a (match)  
present perfect simple 1b (match) present perfect / past (gap-fill)                 present perfect progressive 1b (match)
activities/achievements (gap-fill)    
present perfect simple 2 (match) present perfect simple 2 (gap-fill) present perfect simple 2 (gap-fill)
present perfect simple 3 (match) present perfect 3 / past (match) present perfect progressive 3 (match)
present perfect 3 for/since (gap-fill) present perfect / past (gap-fill) present perfect / past (gap-fill)
The Past Perfect        
past perfect simple (match) past perfect progressive (match)   past perfect simple/progressive (gap-fill)
The Future        
arranged activities (match) arranged events (match) plans and intentions (match)
making a decision (match) interpreting signs (match) predictions (match)
information 1 (match) information 2 (match) future progressive (match)
subordinate clauses (gap-fill) interpersonal meanings (quiz) intentions/decisions (gap-fill)    
predictions / signs (gap-fill) future - revision (gap-fill)      
Review - all tenses        
present/pres. perfect/past (gap-fill) present perfect/past (gap-fill) present/pres. perfect/past/future (gap-fill)
pres./pres. perf./past/fut. (gap-fill) pres./pres. perf./past/future (gap-fill) present/pres. perfect/past (gap-fill)
a (horrible) joke (gap-fill) Joe and Lena - a joke (gap-fill) a newspaper report (gap-fill)
"Taking a shower" in all tenses (multiple choice with comments)